Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is it SO Wrong to Strip?

Sometimes I just can't help it...I love to strip. 

Nearly instant gratification guaranteed.

I 'll say no more.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome To the Neighborhood!

About a month ago someone told me that there was going to be a new quilt shop opening in Franklin Square and guess what?  They were right and it is now open!  Threadbenders Quilt Shop is at 613 Franklin St. and owned by Peg West.


I was off on Tuesday and had the chance to stop in and check out the shop.  Being in the heart of the old Michigan City shopping district, Threadbenders is located in a beautiful space with high ceilings and a great glass storefront.  When I first arrived I had Peg to myself and was able to get to know her just a bit.  She has some great ideas for the shop (block of the month, mystery quilt....), is super helpful and seemed to love "talking quilt" as much as I do!

When you walk into the shop, long wooden sewing tables line the front and give a hint of classes to come.  Some of Peg's handiwork is displayed in the store including the absolutely gorgeous quilt behind the counter (sorry my picture doesn't do it justice!).  The space is bright, clean and uncluttered.  Peg's fabric choices were beautiful and I had fun picking out some pieces for an upcoming project. 

It is really wonderful to see some new life coming to the old Franklin Square. Years ago it was a hoppin' happenin' place to be and there is no reason why it can't be once again.  Good luck with your new venture Peg!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Flashback!

My First Quilt!

Two years ago, when my husband bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas, I had no idea that I would take up quilting.  I already had two old machines; both with issues.  First, there was a Singer that my Mom had bought in the early sixties.  It wouldn't come out of reverse.  I learned to sew backwards.  Second, was another hand-me-down from Mom, a circa 1970's  Husqvarna with major tension problems.  Yep, at that point I just wanted one machine that worked. 

 R bought me a machine, a not very expensive Brother (that did come with a bunch of cool feet-including a walking foot) and I did some mending. Then in March came a weekly email from the Purl Bee that totally caught my eye.  They called it the "Sunny Tied Quilt" and that's just what it was; bright strips of fabric, sandwiched and tied.  I loved it.  I knew that it would look good in D's room AND it was easy!  I didn't venture much from their pattern or palette so mine looks much like the version you can still find on their site.

After completing Sunny I began searching for quilting blogs.  As a knitter who had read a zillion knitting blogs I knew that the quilting community had to be blogging as well.  It didn't take me long to start stacking up some favorites.  The more blogs I read, the more quilts I wanted to make.  Before I knew it I had accumulated a stash and had a dozen quilts under my belt.

I will always have a soft spot for the Sunny Tied Quilt because of where it lead me.  Thanks to Purl Soho and all of the quilters whose blogs have inspired and taught me so much.