Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cleaned up and Ready to Go!

   Yipee!!! There is organization around me.  The pile of fabric that had been hanging out to the side of my machine has been folded, organized by size and color, and put away.  I rearranged my half of the room and am happy with the results.  Now the things I used most are close at hand.  Equally as important, the things that I love or find inspiring are in plain sight. 

   As much as it was work, getting my room in order, it was also fun (at least I tried to tell myself that).  I found fabric that I had forgotten about and now can't wait to use.  There were at least four quilts conceived during the clean up process- which reminds me- I had better write them down before I forget!

   I currently have three projects in the works:
  • a quilt for E's bed
  • a vintage quilt top to repair and quilt ( I have pieced a back for it already )
  • a quilt for a little boy I've yet to meet
Here's a preview of the fabrics for the last project...

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