Monday, June 13, 2011

Vintage Spool Quilt and a Beautiful New Neighbor!

  Sunday the sun decided to shine in our neck of the woods once again and  I was able to seize the moment to get out and photograph my latest finish- The Vintage Spool Quilt.  It is going to be a wedding gift that Jill, a friend of mine from work, is giving to her son and his bride-to-be at their wedding shower.  It was an honor to be asked to finish this top and to take part in creating such an important gift. 

The top really was in wonderful condition and needed very little mending.  I chose to create a back that was a bit more contemporary but still paid homage to the spools on the front. 


Gray is my favorite neutral these days and I love how calm the back is in contrast to the busy front.  It is really two quilts in one- which is the way I tend to make most of my quilts.  I love choices. 

After finishing up Vintage Spool's photo shoot I took my husband to see a nest that I had found the week before when trimming our bushes.  It was really interesting in that it had a layer of plastic wrappers woven within it.  On this visit, I found something even more interesting though- three eggs!  Not wanting to spook the parents we only peeked a moment.  Once inside the house I came to realize that I had a wonderful "bird's eye" view from my daughter's bedroom.  Check it out:

Isn't she beautiful?  I had seen a Cardinal pair hanging out in our neighborhood but never dreamed they were living so near.  I'll keep you posted as to any new developments.

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