Friday, November 4, 2011

Bloggers' Quilt Festival

Meet the Laila Quilt

In 2010 my daughter Drew traveled to Norway as a delegate in a CISV Interchange program.  It was such a wonderful experience for her.  In early July, Anie who was chosen as my daughter's match, came to stay with us for two week.  Anie traveled from Norway to the US with a leader and six other 12 year olds whom all stayed with their own match and host family.   During their visit the kids had both group time and family time in order to learn more about one another.  CISV is all about peace education.  When a child makes a friend in another part of the world it makes their world just a little bit smaller.  Now that country is no longer a far off place but instead where their friend lives.

 A week after Anie and delegation returned to their homes our children along with their leader heading to Moss, Norway for the second leg of the exchange.  Drew stayed with Anie and her family for a little over two weeks.  While there Anie and her parents, Laila and Inge, did their best to make Drew feel at home and introduce her to the Norwegian culture.

  The Laila quilt was made for Anie and her family as a thank you gift for taking Drew into their home.  The design, a simple disappearing 9-patch highlighted the beautiful fabric- Kate Spade's Verna.  The quilting is an organic free motion leaf pattern that I have used on quite a few of my pieces and always love.

  It felt really good to be sending a gift that I had made myself.  I was hoping that it would be a special reminder to them for years to come of my daughter's visit that summer.  Quilts come from the heart and so I wanted to leave a little piece of mine.

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  1. I adore the free motion leave pattern. And what a wonderful thank you gift!

  2. That's fabulous! I love the impact of the deep white borders--it really draws the eye to the fabrics and colours. Verna is one of my favourite lines too! :-)


  3. I love the machine quilting you did! I just might have to learn that pattern!

  4. Just beautiful! What a wonderful program for such young kids!